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Class Descriptions


Choose Your Classes & Start Your Journey...

Please see our "Class Schedule" page for our current class offerings!


Tanya Sage


9:00-10:00 am

This gentle class is a wonderful way to end or begin your week! Taking time to connect the flow of the breath to the flow  of the body creates a centered mind, while relaxing the spirit.

This practice allows the soul to be recharged and filled with positive energy for the challenges and tasks of the week to come.



Tanya Sage

Tuesday's  9:00-10:00 am

                 6:45-7:45 pm

Thursday's 9:00--10:00 am 

Learn the basic foundations of yogic breath, movement, meditation, philosophy & mantra (chanting), in a comfortable, friendly, judgement free environment, while bringing  focus to the mind & calmness to the soul...


(Chair & Standing)

Tanya Sage

*By Appointment*

This chair and standing class is designed for those of us living a mobility challenged life! This class is soft and gentle and the participants experience the joy of inspiration, motivation and personal empowerment. Mediation and breath work are a highlight of this class and will leave you totally relaxed in body, mind and soul.

Core & Flex

Tanya Sage 

"On Hold*

Need to improve flexibility?

Want a good Streeeeeetch?

Need to strengthen your core?

This all levels class will help you reclaim your body, so that you can enjoy the physical activities you miss or want to participate in!  Build & maintain vital core strength for better posture, overall body strength  & improved balance!

This is a great class to keep you limber through all seasons so that you are ready for your favorite outdoor activities like gardening, golfing, tennis, hiking, cycling, running, swimming...

Stretch & Strengthen

Tanya Sage


5:15-6:15 pm

This is a relaxing class perfect for all levels! A warm and cozy environment will help you on your path to greater overall body strength and flexibility. A fabulous gentle flow with strengthening poses dappled throughout the class. If you NEED to do Something to get back into a healthier lifestyle this class is the perfect place to begin!! 

Slow Flow Yoga

Shari Galvin


9:30-10:30 am

Shari fills her sessions with light and knowledge as she guides you through breath and movement with a fluid connection of pose to allow you to ease tension while invigorating the mind and body. This class is suitable for all levels and variations will be offered for beginners to intermediate.


    Somatic Flow

All Levels

Corina Parkmond


6:30-7:30 pm

Join Kinesiologist & Yoga Instructor, Corina Parkmond for this dynamic flow class.  Within this class the focus will be on understanding exactly...

 ~How our bodies move in space

~ How movement looks for our specific  bodies 

~ How to listen, to honor & to obey ourselves during our yoga session.  

This class is for All Levels with a touch of Corina's Energetic Flow & Personality! Modifications are  offered to dial your session up or down according to your specific needs! 

Yoga looks different on Every-Body, let's embrace and explore it together!

Rise & Shine

Tanya Sage


7:30-8:30 am

Get your energy flowing with this invigorating All levels Vinyasa class! 

This is a great opportunity to release yesterday & prepare for the day ahead in a positive light!

Find a sense of empowerment as you fuse breath work with a moderate  flow, creating an internal body heat that enables you to purge physical, mental & emotional toxins while warming & stretching your muscles to a state of relaxation & ease!

Yin'storative Yoga

Shari Galvin

*Specialty Class

Date TBD*

A meditative class uniting Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga for optimum benefits.

In Yin Yoga the stretching is Active. whereas in Restorative Yoga the stretching is supported.

Holding the poses longer in Yin Yoga helps the body go into deeper layers of connective tissues to release long held tension.

Supporting the body with props for Restorative Yoga allows the muscles of the body to find comfort and ease while gently opening the body, bringing a sense of calm and ease.

All Levels Flow

Tanya Sage


9:00-10:00 am 

This all levels flow class is designed to help you find inner peace through the practice of the 2n​d Niyama of Yoga "Santosha" (Contentment / Acceptance), in all aspects of your life.  Practicing a Vinyasa Flow of Asanas (postures) we can learn to accept with joy & harmony, where we are in our life & ourselves, just as we are.  

This will be a gentle to moderate flow, with modifications & variations offered so that each yogi can "take what they need" from this diversified experience.

 Family Yoga

Tanya Sage

*By Appointment"


10:30-11:30 am

*Call  to Register

 Many of our clients have expressed am interest in bringing their kids to class with them!  

We welcome families to join us for this very special quality bonding time, full of gentle  movement, breath work and quiet time,, helping parents and kids find more focus and understanding through personal expression and  active listening! 

Family Yoga Rates:

~ 1 Adult / 1 Child $25 ~ each additional child $5

~ 2 Adults / 1 Child $40 ~ each additional adult $13


 Gong Sound Meditation

Rose Petruzzi

*See "Class Schedule:" 

for upcoming dates

*Advance Registration Required!

Register Early & Save $

Call for discount information


Join us for this soothing Gong Sound Meditation!  Experience the palpable vibrations that flow through the body calming the parasympathetic nervous system, as you lay in Savasana  after a light stretching session! Find the deep relaxation you have been searching for & leave your body behind as you float in unison with the energy of the universe!

Lotus Group​

Tanya Sage

Brian Vaugh

*See "Class Schedule" for upcoming dates...

Lotus Group is a FREE Meditation / Discussion Group  for those interested in creating a deeper practice of  Meditation & sharing discussions on various topics!. The group meets approximately once a month (dates & times may vary) & begins with a brief period (15 minutes)  of gentle yoga stretching with Tanya. followed by Meditation / Discussion with Mindfulness Practitioner Brian Vaugh.

Its a wonderful way to gain knowledge & create more peace & harmony in your life!

See "Class Schedule" for dates & times.

We have everything you need...

At Ray Yoga Center Llc. we have everything you need to make your yoga experience comfortable! We can provide you with yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, pillows, wrist / knee cushions, straps & fluffy cozy blankets! 

You are always welcome to bring your own props if you prefer! 

We are a shoes / socks optional studio, as we understand that some people need additional support or prefer to cover their feet for warmth or ease! 

We want you to feel cozy & secure during your time with us!


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